Experience with us at:

321 48th st, Union City, NJ


A subsidary of CieloMystics.com

Booking Questions

  • Single & Couples experience available at Cielo Mystic

    Book an experience with us at 321 48th St, Union City, NJ. $55 per person, and available all week 12-6pm.

  • 10 People $633

    Book an experience at your event, wedding, birthday party or festival. We're Ready to host in our space.

  • 20 People $1265

    Our Perfumers are ready to make your perfume experience come to life. We create your fragrance by combining your base with 9 supplemental accords. We record your combination for future reordering

  • 30 people $1899

    After a smell test in fresh air, You're ready to name your fragrance.

    We provide our tables, setting up, and a complete perfume experience from Scent to bottle.